Asset Management Services

Our services focus on two main areas of Asset Management; Asset Management Systems and Maintenance Management Improvement

Asset Management Systems

As described in PAS 55 and ISO 55001, asset management systems provide asset intensive businesses with the means to extract maximum value from their assets. In doing so the benefits include, not just the potential for increased profit, but also a number of wider benefits. These include greater understanding of asset related risks, better communication throughout the business, alignment of asset related activities with overall business objectives, integration with other management systems, improved asset planning and much more. 

Our specialisations in Asset Management Systems include:

  • Asset management system gap analysis; 
  • Asset Management policy and framework development;
  • Asset management support documentation development; and
  • Asset management internal audit. 

Maintenance Management Improvement 

We focus on developing and implementing maintenance strategies that ensure assets are maintained in the most effective and efficient manner. This involves doing the right maintenance at the right time as a result of good practice maintenance strategy development and doing the maintenance right through the use of quality maintenance work management processes. 

Our specialisations in maintenance management improvement include:

  • Asset criticality analysis; 
  • Critical spares analysis; 
  • Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM) facilitation; 
  • RCM training
  • Proactive asset reliability programs; 
  • Maintenance strategy optimisation and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA); 
  • Maintenance task packaging and implementation;
  • Technical writing;
  • Maintenance management review; and
  • Maintenance management internal audit. 

Risk Management Framework Implementation

We now have experience in the design and implementation of risk management frameworks aligned to ISO 31000.  If this is an area where you require advice and support then we are happy to help.

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