RCM Desktop Software

RCM Desktop has been developed to provide advanced support for the application of Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM). Unlike most software applications it has been written by professional software authors who use the software day-to-day. In short, it has be written by RCM facilitators for their own benefit and for the benefit of other facilitators. The overall philosophy behind the RCM Desktop is: 

"To enable the RCM Facilitator to manage efficiently all aspects of an RCM analysis and to document it live during analysis group meetings using any RCM Task Selection Logic" 

RCM Desktop

  • Supports all variants of RCM task selection logic (even design your own) 
  • Documents every aspect of your RCM analyses 
  • Advanced facilitator productivity features 
  • No more paper! - do everything on-screen 
  • Four editions available, to suit your budget and the scale of your RCM project 
  • Easy and intuitive to use 
  • Single-click reporting 
  • Export to CSV, XLS, XML, HTML 
  • Full SQL access to the RCM database 
  • Live spell check and auto-text insertion 
  • And much, much more 

For more information please contact us through our contact page or visit the RCM Desktop website.

RCM Desktop Software

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